Thank you for wanting to contact us. Right now we have no formal communication lines set up for you to contact us, but you’re welcome to email us.

Russ is r {@} g8r [dot] us
Sheilah is s {@} g8r [dot] us

(Now, about that domain (pronounced gator, as in g + 8 + r) dot you ess. It was going to be domain used solely for twitter short urls that we could use and track, kind like a personal thing. Now it’s just nothing, but it’s great for our short email addresses for our family. 🙂 )

If you feel compelled to call for some reason, (607)386-2981 for Russ. Leave a message because I almost never have the phone on me and frequently leave to go to town without it.

If you want to snail mail us stuff, we’re at:
1258 Jersey Road
East Meredith, NY 13757