Okay, so they’re more like “guidelines”. Either way, this series of posts is about being the next-level parent who engineers greatness.

It’s about helping to bring out the greatness that’s already there in your kid(s). I know you see it. Every good parent does.

The purpose of all this is to provide you the knowledge and understandings to be a parent to your children so they turn out better than you.

So, You Want to Be An Awesome Parent, huh?

Lo and behold we can see that there are some underlying agreements that must exist for us to get along.

FIRST, you have to believe and practice some form of the Golden Rule. That’s essentially some form of “Treat others like you want them to treat you.” You know, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

[Regardless of your religious orientation and preferences, the principle holds in building a stronger, more civilized world.]

SECOND, you should know that people are people, and that babies are people, too. They just have smaller bodies and get super freaking frustrated that those little bodies don’t do what they’re supposed to do yet!

Training is training and no matter what you’re training to get better at, it takes work and dedication to finally get it right. Babies should be encouraged to train, and allowed to train, and helped to train if they want it.

Training has a specific goal. Something like gain some strength or mobility, be able to form the right sounds to start putting those sounds together to make words… That kind of training. Specific goal.

Know that just letting the baby/child cry or ‘cry it out’ is not training; it’s just parents being irresponsible to unhappy baby.

How would you like it if that were done to you? Imagine your significant other completely ignoring you while you’re talking, or trying to make a point. Oh, that’s training, though, right? (Only if you want them to feel they don’t really matter to you.)

Or, how do you like it when that other person is on Facebook or Twitter and you’re trying talk to that person. And you’re completely ignored, or have to be very loud just to get through. Do you like that? Are you a person?

Babies are people, too, they just have smaller bodies that they can’t control well yet.

THIRD, since people are people, each person has basic rights that should be granted to all people. Even the United Nations agrees with this one, so it’s not such a hard one to imagine.

Search online for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then read it. You might be shocked.

FOURTH, everyone should be entitled to Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of their dreams and goals. Enforced slavery is not a good thing, so you should not enforce slavery as a parent. (You know, if we’re to get along.)

On this, chores should not be considered as slavery, but more as training a work ethic and being a contributing member of a group. Family is a small group. It should be okay for a little one to help around the house, right?

FIFTH, all people should be held responsible for their actions and inactions, and the results they get. Everyone. I’m not talking yelling and physical punishment type of “being held responsible”, I’m talking about making things right from screwing up.

That’s just basic Cause and Effect, philosophical kind of stuff.

So If You Agree…

…That we have those above five points in agreement, then move on to the next part, The Prime Directive of Every Parent.

If you don’t agree, then just leave and let’s part ways. That’s okay.