After over 20 years as a parent, trying to find the ONE thing that makes everything else make sense and be easier, that CORE JOB of a great parent…

After watching the kids grow up, seeing the successes and failures and trials and tribulations of all of our children and trying to tie it all together as simply as I can…

I’ve finally figured out the CORE job of a parent.

You know, you look around at successful kids and kids who aren’t so successful. You see kids all nervous, all calm and collected, running all over the place. Some are great athletes. Some aren’t great, but they’re darn good. Some just suck and need a lot more training.

It’s not that difficult, either.

Jeannie doing Static Hold Leg Raise on the Rings
Jeannie doing a static hold leg raise on the rings. July 2018.

The CORE JOB of a Great Parent?

It’s unreal in it’s power. It works quickly when it’s applied – and sometimes communication has to be used.

It takes a kid from the floundering depths of chaotic uncertainty and saves their future. Really. It’s that awesome when it’s followed.

Is that something that you might be looking for in some way? Something that’s good for your kid(s), probably good for you, good for your entire environment? Good for your living conditions? Your future? How about the future of your child?

Lexi happy climbing a ladder, standing on it, and being safe.
Lexi happy she’s climbing and standing on the ladder with no fear. Safe.

The CORE JOB is…

To create and manage an optimally stable environment for the children so the children can be confident, focused, encouraged and free to accomplish their own goals.

And that’s not easy at first, especially in this wild world we live in. Especially if the kids are on drugs.

If you have kids on drugs, get them off the drugs. No kid needs the drugs. Watch and listen to this…

I hope you really listen to the words, see what’s going on. The core job of a great parent does not include drugs.

Now, I could go on about how to accomplish all this, and give examples and explain things out. But I have to go get stuff done now. 🙂

Be back soon-ish with another article. Football season didn’t go very well – not a single championship for the first time in 5 years! Ugh. Anyway, it’s wrestling season. Yes, that adds to adding stability to the kids lives so they can resonate confidence and wax awesomeness.